Once upon a time there was a small town were 3 brothers lived they were so united not a thunder could break their unity. And they had their own qualities the first brother Adam was the strongest in all the brothers. He was a wrestler and one of the best in his town. No one could dare have a fight with him.

The second brother George was a musician he would play in the town’s local bar and would spent every penny in the same bar. He was an alcoholic and a gambler. In addition, the third brother Tony was the wise in the other two brothers he was a regular teacher in his town every one respected him.

The third brother had neither father nor a mother they were raised by their uncle. Who was in the last stages of his life?

The three brothers once went to visit him and found him to be dead he had passed away writing a note for the 3 brothers.

[text_block text=”‹¨›pre‹˜›‹¨›span style‹´›‹²›color: #0000ff;‹²›‹˜›‹¨›a style‹´›‹²›color: #0000ff;‹²› href‹´›‹²›http://inspireopedia.com/faith-a-state-of-mind/‹²›‹˜›Faith A State of Mind‹¨›/a‹˜›‹¨›/span‹˜›‹¨›/pre‹˜›‹¨›p‹˜›‹¯›nbsp;‹¨›/p‹˜›” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”5c67cd799df1239867dd0967ae3c5ce1″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/text_block]Some day later, they were storing the stuff of their uncle as they saw the Notebook of their uncle. As they began reading the notebook of their uncle, they were amazed to see the notebook was blank and some pages were torn.

 As they kept the book on the shelf, a strange thing happened a page fall from the shelf and wind took it to their uncle bed. The three brothers didn’t see the page. Days went by and the pain of their uncle’s death had disappeared.

 They were again living there lives like before. Adam married a woman from a place far from his town. He was in a journey were first saw this woman and fell in love with her. He did not know who the woman was and she claimed to be an orphan.

George on the other hand had no plans for marriage in this playboy life he was happy. However, tony had different plans he was engaged with a close friend of here and a daughter of the town’s mayor.

They were happy with in their life as George moved to his uncle’s home as Adam getting married stopped him from drinking in their home and he was unable to live his lifestyle so he decided to move to his uncle’s old home but he was uncomfortable sleeping in the room where his uncles had died so he would sleep in other room.

One day he went to his uncle’s room to clean that room. He found a paper on the bed of his uncle which was covered in dust. He picked it up and saw a Note saying

                           ‘’ Always stay together that no witch should break you ‘’


 He became curious he would think all the time what his uncle meant by that note. Every day while sleeping this thought would not let him sleep. Therefore, he decided to discuss this with Tony, as he was a teacher he thought that he would help him finding the meaning of that Note.

Tony told him that he did not believed in Fairy Tales and that Note would be just a note or message to be strong.

George calmed down in the same night when he went to sleep he was hearing some voices which woke him up.

The voices were as if someone was crying. He got curious and when he focused he found out that the voice was coming from the Room of his uncle. He shivered but still collected the courage to open the room.

As he opened it he saw his uncle laying on his bed, crying and whispering do not let the witch destroy you. George fell on the ground in unconsciousness the other day he woke up he found him to be in the same place where he was the night before.

In his uncles room. he runs out of the Room. and could not believe what his eyes saw. He did not discuss it with any of his brother about the incident. For some days he could not sleep, the voices would suck up his sleep.

On he decided to shift to one of his friends home but he knew that someday he would return to that home after a few months of fear he decided that he would find the solution of his problem.

He was looking for a priest who can solve his problem as hey explained his problem. The priest said there is a curse upon you and your two brothers that will hunt you for the rest of your life.

George asked him ‘’ is there any way to stop this curse’’ the priest said ‘’yes there is but it would not be an easy path.

You will have to kill the witch before she kills you or your brothers. the priest suggests him to go to their brothers and discuss this with their brothers. George decides to go to his brother and thinks that it would be great thing since they have not met in years.

Firstly, he goes and meets Tony. And gets shocked about the events that have passed away that the first baby of his elder brother passed away. Moreover, since than he has locked himself in his home.

George discusses about the curse to Tony. Tony still says that he does not believe in any curse. George somehow convinced him to bring some priest to Adams home. Tony agrees but still says that let’s ask Adam too. When they go Adams home, they find Adam.

They get shocked by looking to the state of Adam he looks completely fine as if nothing had happened. And the George asks him about the death of his baby. In addition, his response makes George and Tony Amazed and discusses it as if he did not have a baby at all.

George says to Adam that he would stay there for that night Adam agreed to him and George was convinced that the witch might be around Adam.

As the quick change in the mood made George Curious in the night, she investigates the home and finds Adam Crying. He slowly goes to his room and when he peaks in the room he finds. Adam crying whiles a woman with long hair walking around him and laughing.

As he looks to the woman closely, he finds out his wife to be the Witch. George went to his room is shiver and fear. In the morning he discusses it which Tony. And Tony responded that it would be a bad dream of you. George insisted Tony to sleep in Adams home for that night and Tony also after watching this in frighten fells on the ground the other morning.

He takes his brother Adam for the priest to cure him but the witch gets away leaving Adam in a miserable state. George goes to the priest asking him how can he cure Adam. The priest says

               ‘’ The only way to cure a witches witch craft is by killing the witch’’


George than decided that he would hunt the witch forming some other people to go with him Tony and three more brave people.

They go to the woods finding the witch the same place where Adam had seen the witch. They look or the witch for days and in the Town the condition of Adam gets worse day by day.

 They return empty handed to their town with no clue how to find the witch. Looking for help George goes to the priest.

The priest suggest George ‘’ if you want to kill the witch you have to go alone. The witch will not show herself unless she feels that she can kill you.

 While again when the George prepares himself going for the woods the priest hands him a knife saying ‘’ when you see the witch and try to kill her she won’t die unless you stab her in her heart.

George takes the knife and head for the woods. When he reaches the same place where they could not find the witch, he sees a cave going inside the woods.

 George not thinking second times goes in the cave. In the cave, he sees skulls and skeletons of dead people.

 A going a bit further he sees the witch. While he tries to stab her, the witch calls his name and says I have been waiting for you.

 George calls to her ‘’ Witch take you curse back before I burn you ‘’ the witch in laughter says Not even your father could burn me neither your Uncle’’ George asks the witch How did you know my family.

The witch in laughter disappears while the laughter stills surrounds him and tries attacking him while George being unable to attack. George than comes up with a plan and pretend to be unconscious when the witch shows herself George by full force stabs her in her heart.

The witch screams I will be back. George in wounds comes out of the cave and sits down on the ground with a smile on his face lays down on the ground. When he opens his eyes, he found himself in the hospital of his Town.

 In addition, Adam and Tony standing in front of Him. Moreover, telling him to wake up they have to go to meet their uncle.

George stands up in amazement and asks Tony ‘’ what happened’’ Tony replies nothing we have to go meat uncle it is his birthday. George checks the calendar and finds that it just was a dream.

                                                        The End

Muhammad Ismail (Writer JahaSoft)