Today we will talk about the skills that will make you better. The list I have researched for is not a list in which i say to you to follow all the skills and I will guarantee, you will succeed.

You just have to look to your life and see which area needs improvement and apply that one. These skills can be applied from life to business. These skills will help you grow your life better.

We don’t say any skill is better than any other skill they are all equally important. The first skill to acquire is

Never Be a Perfectionist

Never Be a Perfectionist

You might be thinking what kind of a skill is that ‘’To Not Be a Perfectionist‘’ just think of it like this you can keep perfecting your project or you design while you can do much more than that.

You can hire someone else to do your work. You will save ton of energy and a ton of time. However, this do not mean that you should you should give time to your priority project. Use 80/20 rules do the 20 percent that will give you the 80 percent result and delegate the other 80 percent to other people which will give you 20 percent of the result.

 You may be thinking I delegate my 80 percent there are also very important task that I have to do like post a card to my granny. That’s ok just start less but define the work that take the most effort and give the least result by this way you could have more time for the things you care the most. Don’t think that every think you do needs your touch on it.

Know I will show you how you can not be a perfectionist think of it like this. How would it feel for you to be perfect personally I would feel stuck? The anxiety of being the perfect is too much for anyone to bear. Take 15 second and think of the first person you think is a perfectionist.

You may name a celebrity with an amazing life to be a perfectionist. Like he has hot girls, luxury cars, luxury life but what you don’t know is the stress the go through, the hate they get. And being a perfectionist in your real life will also be a headache for you.

Always having the pressure to look perfect is a hell of a job. Know how can you adjust not being a perfectionist. If you want to do a part time job and a student take what ever job you get don’t bring you Ego in anything it will destroy your life.

If you’re in a relationship never think that your wife or GF will be most beautiful in the world. There always will be more beautiful women in the world than your spouse. However, I am not saying don’t hustle for the best hustle for the best but know nothing is perfect.

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 Give Importance to your Family

Give Importance to your Family

Family is one of the most important aspect in our lives. We are shaped because of our family. Tony Robbins if you have heard of him ‘’ he said that he had four fathers and a mother. In his own words

‘’my mother beat the shit out of me she loved’’

One of the most fulfilled man I know had a harsh mother. We don’t decide who our parents are we can only change the present.

 So, love what you have you may be stressed out because of your family. You may have fights with them on your daily basis. Or you are always in fight mode in your family change that no one will change that for you only you can change it.

Once there was a person he was had many friends on social media on each platform he had fans they wanted to follow him.

He was a trending star but he got cancer when they took him to the hospital on social media many people gave him sympathy but no one gave him a shoulder to cry on his heart was broken to the core.

In the state of cancer he realized that there will be no one in bad time except your family. Give time to your family because there will be no one in you death bed except your family. If you give your whole day to social media just give one hour to your family.

If you have kids give some time them. If you have a wife give some time to her. The strongest pillars in our life deserve some time.

Never be afraid in asking help of anyone. We believe everything that we do. we can do on our own. That mentality is destructive mentality.

Sure, you have to stand for your own self but you can not win the war alone. You always need someone to show you the path to guide.

 I suggest have a mentor the mentor can be anyone living the life you want to live. An adviser is a very helpful weapon you can have.

 If you can’t find you mentors make book your mentors. You can learn way too much from you mentors without failing. And find a person you can talk too when you are in a trouble.

Do you feel helpless. You feel that you have nobody to ask help of. You are wrong there are many people willing to help us but us never show that we need help from them.

Look around yourself you will find more people than you can ever expect. Billionaires and Millionaires no matter how rich they are they all have mentors.

 Mentors who can help them grow better every day. Find some help you can never go through the road of life alone. And don’t be ashamed of asking for help. There is no disgrace in asking for help.

You will be amazed how many people will help you when you find some help. Know days it’s easier than ever to ask for help then ever you can read articles for help watch videos there are ton of places from where you can get help. But first you have to realize you need help.

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Improve every day

Improve every day

 There is always room for improvement try to improve everyday of your life. Always think that you cup is empty if you look to the world as a student nothing is hard. And if you stopped improving you will stop progressing.

You can improve in every aspect of your life. If you feel there is nothing you can improve take a paper write 50 things that you are good at and improve them too.

Millionaire and Billionaire improve themselves more than anyone if you become most valuable than any one you know you are likely to earn more and have a fulfilling life.

Those who are more valuable than us have the same mind as we do but they use it differently. We think we know everything but they think there is always more to learn. They approach the to the world as a student. Have you ever thought why Bill Gates read more than 50 plus books a year?

Why Warren Buffet dedicates 3 to 5 hours of his day reading. If some one shares a decade of their experience in a book why shouldn’t you read it? But reading is not the only improvement you can make you can just give 4 hours a weak to your body you can have better health.

These things are difficult but they worth a try. If you can be on social media for straight 4 hours without realizing it why not give 4 hours a weak to reading to your heath and all the other important aspect of your life.


Be the Last to Speak

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is throughout the world known to be a great leader. And he said he remembered two habits of his father. Number one his father was a tribal chief and whenever they had meetings number 1 they would sit in a circle and number 2 his father was always the last to speak.

We are always told to speak less but we have to learn to speak the last. Know a days when we have a meeting with our boss or whom ever we are working for notice they come in and say here is what I think and here what we should do.

It’s a big mistake speaking in the last may seam easy its not you can not show your agreement or disagreement on a subject. All you can do is ask questions. It will make you wiser, better and in some cases a better leader.

Think of it like this if you could steal everyone else opinion on something and become smarter. All your doing is just listening to others isn’t it cool.

In any argument if you want to win you firstly have to know what they are trying to convince you upon. If you just took a long breath and listened you may get the argument better. And when you have all the information you need you could end any argument faster.

What will it cost us just a few less words. Just try it for a weak just pretend that you have some throat issues and don’t talk. You may be thinking are you telling me to not speak to anyone. No speak but speak less listen more.

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Know How Dopamine works

Know How Dopamine works

Dopamine is the reward system in our brain. And it’s the hormone which is the cause of us eating a lot and Dopamine is highly, highly addictive.

Most of our addictions whether they are smoking, drinking or using social media are because of the hormone dopamine. Knowing how it works will make you break many bad habits. If you know from what thing you get your dopamine and change the bad from good you can have more fulfilling life.

Addiction are the walls that are stopping us from succeeding. And if you know how dopamine works you can become a better parent, a better influence, a better leader. But every addiction that you will try to break will be not easy it will be very hard. But once you know how it works you will be able to finish all the addictive barriers from your way to success.

Think of it this way. You knowing how your addiction mechanism is working. Know you know why it feels good when you smoke or any other thing you might consider as an addiction. For this you must know what is addiction. Answer these questions. Is watching TV an Addiction? Is social media an addiction?

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good when you get that extra like on Facebook or why it feels so good looking your followers increase on Instagram? Its all dopamine but one you divert you dopamine from time consuming shit to real thing than you will see yourself improve day by day.

How would it feel being addicted to serving others? How would it feel being addicted to love? But while we know how it would feel we still don’t do it. We still are sitting in an empty box looking to box and feeling happy while the entire world is just 2 inches away from us.

 Once you know how dopamine works you can save your kids from depressed and stressed to happy and fulfilled. We have a gift of dopamine in our brains but intent to us it in the wrong way while we have the right way always in front of us. All you have to do is crush the 2 inch wall and improve.


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