Macbeth was a great Sottish nobleman, who commanded the army of King Duncan of Scotland. He was called the thane of Glamis and he belonged to the same family as the King.

King Duncan argued with same of his noblemen. They refused to obey his as their ruler and a war broke out between them. The noblemen were helped by the King of Norway who landed in Scotland with an army to fight King Duncan. King Duncan sent Macbeth and Banquo two of his most faithful generals to attack the disobedient noblemen.

After a terrible fight, King Duncan’s men defeated their enemies and the king of Norway was forced to ask for peace. In the battle, Macbeth fought with great bravery; all the soldiers and the messengers talked about him and praised his conduct. King Duncan wanted to reward him by giving him a new honor.

The two generals, Macbeth and Banquo, w ere returning from the battle across a wild and lonely part of the country. Suddenly, there evil-looking old women appeared in front of them. These old women were witches. Macbeth was frightened by this awful sight and he asked the witches who they were. The answer he received from the first was ‘Welcome’ Macbeth! Welcome, Thane of Glamis!, the Second witch cried, ‘Welcome’ Macbeth! Welcome, Thane of Cawdor. The Third witch cried ‘Welcome’ Macbeth! Welcome Macbeth! The man who will be King!

Macbeth did not understand these words. He was the Thane Of Glamis, but he was not the Thane of Cawdor, and he knew he was not the King. He was so shocked by this that he could not speak. The witches then turned to Banquo and Spoke to him. You are less important thane Macbeth and yet more important. You will not be so happy and yet will be happier. Your children will be kings through, you will not.

Macbeth wanted the witches to tell him what their words meant, but it was too late, they disappeared as quickly as they had come.

As Macbeth and Banquo stood discussing these strange words, two noblemen sent by the King Duncan rode up to them to praise them for the victory. They told Macbeth that the king wished to reward him for fighting so well in the battle and had therefore given a new title which was ‘Thane of Cawdor’. Macbeth could not believe what he heard.

When he was true he began to think about the other words the witches had spoken. Could he really become king of Scotland? Banquo remained calm and warned Macbeth not to trust the witches too much. He was shocked by ideas he had. Perhaps, after all, if it was his fortune to be the king there would be no need for him to do anything.

After Macbeths victory King Duncan told him that he would like his castle. This would be a great honor for Macbeth heard this he asked to be allowed to go home at once to prepare for the royal visit. Before he set off, he sent letter of his wife, lady Macbeth.

In this letter he told her about the witches and they had said. He also told her that some of the witches’ words had already come true. He encouraged his wife to believe that she might one day be Queen of Scotland. From that day on Macbeth could think of nothing else.

When Duncan told everyone that his elder son Malcolm would be King after him, Macbeth wondered how he could deal with this difficulty.



Lady Macbeth

When lady Macbeth read her husband’s letter, she was determined that she would rule Scotland.       She was sure that Macbeth would have to make himself king, but she was afraid he was too kind to do it. Lady Macbeth knew that her husband would love to be king but she also realized that she would have to urge him to take action.

She decided that Duncan must be murdered while he was staying with them at their castle that night. Lady Macbeth did not believe anyone would discover who had killed the king. She was certain that Macbeth was so well loved and admired that no one would think that he had done it.

As soon as Macbeth came home, she told him about her plan. She advised him to show no sign that anything was wrong and to welcome his guests cheerfully. She said he did not need to do any more than that. “leave the rest to me. She said.

The king arrived, and was welcome by lady Macbeth with great respect. Duncan was pleased. The castle garden seemed calm and beautiful after a battle and it was very pleasant to rest and to be among friends. Here he thought he could forget, for a while, the trouble of kingdom.

He had supper with Macbeth, who showed him the room where he would sleep. when the king went to bed, he felt peaceful and happy. He was so pleased with everything about his visit that sent a wonderful diamond to lady Macbeth as a present.

Macbeth felt neither calm nor peaceful. He was sure he could not murder the king. He could not kill guest, beside; he was such a good and fair king that it seemed very wicked to kill him.

While Macbeth was considering what to do, lady Macbeth come into the room. he told her he could not kill Duncan. The king has given me great Honors already and I am very popular with the people.

I am grateful for suggested. She said that she would give some wine to the two guards at the door of Duncan’s room. She would put a drug in the wine and it would make them asleep very quickly.

Then it would be easy for Macbeth to get past the guards and murder Duncan while the king was sleeping. Later, they could lame the guards for committing the crime.


The Murder of Duncan

Later that night, when the guest were in the bed and the castle was quit, she took there daggers and placed them where Macbeth would find them.

Lady Macbeth felt brave enough to kill Duncan herself and went into his room. when she saw the king lying on his bed asleep he looked like her dear father and she could not do anything to harm him. She returned to her room and waited for her husband to go and do the deed.

Macbeth crept through the dark and silent castle, suddenly he say a terrible sight. A knife covered with blood appeared before his eyes. The handle was turn toward his hand. He stretched out his arm to take it but it was not real. He realized that thinking about the murder of the king was affecting his brain.

He heard a bell ring. It was lady Macbeth in her room letting Macbeth know that she had prepared everything. Now was the time to act. Macbeth went towards Duncan room. he was move more frightened than before.

The two guards at the door were fast asleep and so was the king himself. It was easy for Macbeth to go in no one would ever have guessed that Duncan’s most faithful commander was going to kill him. It did not take Macbeth more than a few seconds to do the awful deed.

After killing Duncan, as Macbeth moved back to one of the door he heard on of the guard laughing in his sleep. The other servant cried out ‘Murder!’ but he too was sleeping and only dreaming. Then they both wake up, but they did not see Macbeth there, and they did not know that anything was wrong. They soon went back to sleep.

In her room Lady Macbeth waited anxiously for her husband to return. She listened to every sound and when some noises from the king’s room, she thought Macbeth had failed. But at that moment he returned and told her he had done the terrible deed.

Although he had killed the king, Macbeth was very frightened man. He knew his peace and happiness had been destroyed forever by that crime. He was very shocked and dared not to think about what he had done. He thought his wife that he could hear a voice shouting out “Sleep no more-Macbeth shall sleep no more because he has murdered innocent sleep”.

His wife scolded him for his weakness and for and for bringing guards dagger back from Duncan’s room. they were covered in blood. She told him to go back and put them and to wipe some of the Duncan’s blood of their clothes. Then everyone would think they were the murderer. Macbeth did not dare to go back and see what he had done so Lady Macbeth went instead.

Macbeth could not rest. his mind was full of wild thoughts and fears. Every noise he heard frightened him. He kept on starring at his hands. Which were covered with blood. He imagined that they would never be clean again. He thought there could not be enough water in all the seas to wash that blood away, he thought the blood on his hands would turn the green seas red.

Lady Macbeth returned. Her hands were know covered in blood too, but she told her husband “A little water will clear away this deed, how easy it is then.” She told him to do to bed as if nothing had happened. People would be suspicious if they were found awake and dressed in the middle of the night.

The New King of Scotland

The New King of Scotland

Early the next morning, there was loud knocking at the castle gates. Two of Duncan’s noblemen,   Mucduff and Lennox had come to offer there services to Duncan. Macbeth went to welcome them.

They told him that where they had been staying that night, weather had been very wild and stormy. The wind was so strong that it had blown chimneys down. People heard strange noises in the ear, like of the people crying and terrible screams of people dying. Some said that they had felt earth shaking.

While they were speaking the terrible murder was discovered. Soon, everyone in the castle knew the dreadful news. Macbeth both and lady Macbeth pretended to be very shocked. Macbeth was told of the murder, he went straight in the king’s room. he found the king two servants there.

There hands and faces were covered in blood and there daggers un-wiped, were lying were they had been sleeping they could not understand what had happened. And stared each other in confusion. Macbeth killed them immediately.

When he returned, he said was very sorry he had killed the servants, but that feeling of love for the king had been too strong for him. He could not sleep himself from killing the king’s murderers when he saw them standing there with Duncan’s blood on there clothes, and on their daggers. Of course, Macbeth hoped to hide his own guilt by doing this.

Lady Macbeth pretended to be so shocked when she heard the news she became ill, and had to be helped from the room.

Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, were staying at Macbeths castle. They decided to run away. They did not that their lives would be safe if they remained in Scotland. They thought that the who had killed Duncan would kill them too.

Macbeth was then the nearest relative to Duncan left in Scotland and so every agreed that he should be the king. The words of witch had come true.


 Banquo’s ghost

Although he was king, Macbeth did not feel safe. After his terrible crime he would not trust anyone not even his old friends. He was most afraid on Banquo who had been with him when the witches spoke to him Banquo Knew that Macbeth had been exited by the witches’ words and that he really wanted to be king. Besides, the witches had said that the kingdom would one day be ruled by Banquo’s family. this thought made Macbeth more angry and afraid.

He had risked his own life when he murdered Duncan. He wondered whether he had Banquo’s even more than himself. Macbeth felt that he could not safely allow him to love and he decided to murder Banquo and his sons also. He was so frightened and determined not to lose the kingdom he had just won that he planned to commit murder again.

In order to king Banquo, the king and queen gave great feast for the noblemen; they invited Banquo and his son Fleance as the most important guests. That day, Banquo and Fleance went out riding but on their way back to Macbeth’s castle they were attacked by three men, Macbeth had paid these men to kill Banquo and Fleance, but in the struggle, Fleance escaped. Though Banquo was murdered, his son managed to get to England, and Banquo’s family did, later, become kings of Scotland. In spite of all Macbeths plans, he the witches said to Banquo came true.

The time for the feast arrived, and the king and queen sat down with there guests. The queen welcomed everyone and was determined to delight her guest. Macbeth talked freely with the noblemen and everyone was pleased with the feast. Macbeth said cheerfully that he hoped his two chief guests soon arrive.

Suddenly, he rose from his seat, trampling with fear. All the visitors noticed and wondered what has happened, Macbeth thought he could see Banquo, but no one else could see anything. Lady Macbeth tried to calm her anxious guests.

She assured them that Macbeth was really ill, turning him, she told him fiercely to control his fear bear before everyone guessed their secret. At that moment, Banquo’s ghost appeared again. Macbeth was helpless with fear and could nor bear the terrible sight. He cried out in loud voice to the ghost to go away.

Everyone got up, wondering whether Macbeth had gone mad. They could see nothing. The queen quickly requested her guests to leave, in case Macbeth said even more suspicious thing she told them that Macbeth’s behavior was not unusual, and that these fears did not last for very long however, Lennox and some other noblemen did not forget what had happened, and were suspicious of Macbeth’s strange behavior. Macduff had not even come to the feast, because he was afraid it might be some kind of trap for the king enemies.

Macbeth was afraid, too many noblemen did not trust him, and Fleance was alive in England. He was prepared to kill anyone to defend his position; he decided to ask the advice of the three witches again they seemed to know about everything that would happen.

Macbeth’s cruelty

Macbeth’s cruelty

Early the next day, Macbeth went to the lonely place where he had met the witches. He found them preparing magic mixtures from parts of animal and plants. They used magic mixture to obtain knowledge of future events. Macbeth asked them to tell him what would happen to happen, and immediately he saw there devils in front of him.

The first was in the form of a head wearing a battle helmet. Macbeth began to speak to it. But the witches told him to be silent. Then the head slowly said, ‘Macbeth! Macbeth! Watch Macduff? Watch the thane of Fife!’ after this, the head disappeared into the ground.

The second devil appeared to the noise of thunder. It was in the form of a child covered in blood. It told Macbeth to be very cruel. Bold and determined, so to fear no one. There was no one born of a woman who could harm him. Macbeth at once though of the warning he had received about Macduff.’ I need to fear him than, ‘he thought. But he decided that he would kill Macduff anyway, to be quite safe.

Then a third devil appeared. I was a child dresses like a king with a tree in it hand. It said,’ Macbeth shall never lose a battle until a great Birnam woods move toward Dunsinane hill!

That will never happen, said Macbeth to himself. He was encourages by these three words. He believed all he had heard, and he need never fair his enemies again.

Before Macbeth left the place, he asked the witches any of Banquo’s would ever become king of Scotland. This was the one problem that still worries him. The three old women warned him not to ask this, but he insisted. He heard music, and one by one, eight shadows passed by him.

They were the shadows of the kings. The last one was Banquo covered in blood, who turned his head and smiled at Macbeth. He was holding a holding a mirror in his in which Macbeth could see still more kings. These were all the children of Banquo, and would rule Scotland after Macbeth. Macbeth was very shocked, he cried, ‘this is terrible sight; Now I see what it means, for Banquo is.

Than he could be king of Scotland, as his father had planned. Macbeth was very angry when he heard this news. He attacked Macduff’s castle, and savagely killed his wife and all his children.

This deed, and other actions like it, did little to help Macbeth. Many of noblemen and and soldiers hated him for his unnecessary cruelty. Some left him and joined enemies. Those who stayed with him did not respected or admire him any longer, Macbeth himself was very anxious and unhappy.


The Death of Lady Macbeth

The queen suffered from terrible dreams because of her guilt. Her servants would often find her walking in her sleep in castle, talking wildly about the murder,

One night, a doctor and one of the queen’s ladies were talking about her. The lady was saying how one night she had seen the queen get out of bed, put on a warm coat, and put it away in the desk. And then return to bed- —–yet the whole time she was fast asleep

As they were talking, the queen walked past. She was crying in lighted candle she than stopped, put the candle down, she began to rub her hands.

The lady said she had often seen the queen do that. It looked as if she were washing her hands she would do it for a quarter of a hour without stopping.

“There is a spot of blood here.” Lady Macbeth said suddenly. She spoke aloud; she was speaking to herself, she rubbed her hands harder ‘oh’ go away dreadful spot!’ she cried. Will my hand never be clean?

She lifted one of her hands to her face. “There is smell of blood here; she said ‘Oh’ all the perfume in the world will never make this little hand smell sweat again,’ And she began to cry loudly in fear and horror. After a while she became quitter. She spoke some words, as if she were talking to Macbeth =. Then she went back to bed. All this time, she had seemed to be awake, but she was really asleep.

A few days later, lady Macbeth was dead. Many people said she killed herself.


The Moving Woods

Macbeth tried to gather an army to fight Malcolm, but he had no friends left and no one wanted to help him. He began to wish he were dead, but he had enough courage left to come out of his castle at Dunsinane and fight a hopeless battle against his enemies.

While Macbeth was preparing for the battle, a messenger came to tell him that he had seen a strange sight ‘As I was watching on the hill for the enemy, I looked towards Birnam, and I thought the woods began to move.

You are a liar and a slave; cried Macbeth. Then he added, “If you are lying, I will hang you from the nearest tree. But if your story is true, I do not care if you hang me instead.’ He thought to himself, ‘Moe I doubt the advice of the witches. Who spoke the truth, but tricked me all the time. The words of devil never mean what they seem to mean.

Then Macbeth went out to meet his enemy. The messenger had not lied. When Malcolm army was marching through Birnam Woods, he ordered each man to cut a branch and carry it with him. Thus Macbeth would find it much more difficult to estimate the size of the attacking army. The result was the whole Birnam would seem to be moving towards Dunsiane.

In spite of his hopeless solution, Macbeth fought fiercely and with great courage. He remembered that the witches had said that no born of a woman could harm him, and this increased his bravery. He killed many of his enemies, although is own small army did not support him well.

Meanwhile, Macduff, who was leading the first part of Malcolm’s army, he was determined to fight Macbeth. He wished to kill the king himself; because Macbeth had murdered his family. At last the two men saw each other. Macbeth did not want to fight, but Macduff rushed toward him. And a fearce struggle began.

Macduff fought savagely, thinking of his dead family, but Macbeth was not at all afraid. He told Macduff that his life is protected against anyone born by a woman. Macduff replied that he had not been born by a woman the ordinary way, but had been taken from his mother’s body before the proper time. For a moment, Macbeths courage disappeared. I will not fight you, then, he cried to Macduff.

Macbeths thought for a moment, and replied, ‘I will never obey young Malcolm, or be cursed by the people. Let us fight, Macduff’;

After a great struggle, Macduff killed the king, and cut his head. He presented it to Malcolm, the new king. Every one was relieved that the reign of the cruel king Macbeth had ended.