Today we will talk about skills. If you want to be better than the rest you must have more skills than the rest. Every skill can be learnt and developed like a habit.

Today we will talk about 5 skills that will make you way better than your competition. And if you are at whatever age or stage you still can learn these skills and develop on them.

We don’t say that one skill is better than the other they are all equally important or one to learn.

  • Persuasion

It is a skill which most of the successful people have developed. Some may say persuasion is only important in business but what they don’t know is persuasion can be a skill applied in every aspect of your life.

No matter who you are you should always learn persuasion. Know you may be thinking how persuasion be learnt or you may be thinking that people are born with this skill but they actually are not.

You can learn persuasion by books or practically. Persuasion will solve at least 30 percent or more by just simply learning persuasion.

There are 100’s of books you can learn persuasion it will take you way less time than you think it will and there are a lot of benefits of persuasion.

  • Energy Management

How would it feel to be energetic throughout the day? All you day filled will energy and enthusiasm. For me it would feel life changing.

Successful people know how to manage their energy and they give a lot of importance to it. Know how you can manage your energy. Well its simple

Eat Better you can cut off all the junk food and bring some vegetable fruits and believe me being healthy is not expensive.

Sleep well  you only need 6 to 7 hours of sleep to totally regain your energy. And sleeping more can drop your energy levels.

Yes you heard me right more sleep will make you unenergetic. Some may say 6 hour 7 hours which time is better. For this you just have to experiment for me personally 7 hours the best point.

Exercise is one of the most important things for you. If you sit around a lot or cannot afford the gym than just do pushup squats pull ups you can do a lot or just simply run.

If you figure this triangle out you will be able to manage your energy properly. and this don’t mean that if you figure this you will be filled with energy. But these are the base of managing energy.

You can’t compete with low energy level with someone who has high energy than you have.

  • Time Management

Time management is also one of the skills that many almost every successful person have learned. And it’s not that hard.

Give some time to your time you never have tomorrow you only have today. Have you ever thought that I have 24 hour and a billionaire also have the same 24 hours so how can it be possible that he is better than me and seems to never work?

I had the same issue and I was procrastinating every day about time when the solution was always in front of me.

Here is a tip have a wallpaper or a paper always on front of you which have written 1440 that how many minutes you have in your day and use your time properly.

And give some time to your family to your own self. This skill will make you more productive and a better person.

  • Managing your Money

Managing your money is one of the most important skills for everyone to develop. Did you know that the most of the people spend their most money on useless things and yet they never notice it? You have to know where you are mostly spending your money.

You should save your money not every cent of it but just 20 percent. You should have something in your wallet when you retire.

Here is a tip for you if you have low income and want to save when your income is in your hand take 20 percent of that and invest in something like foreign currency or anything that would take some effort to take you money back that way you can save and looking to some countries foreign currency they will raise and you may have some more money for your 20 percent.

  • Selling

In this age you can sell anything whether from pencils to luxury cars. And in your business if you don’t know how to sell you will lose. Selling is an art.

If you know selling you can make many anywhere and if you know selling there are  better chances that you will grow more faster than someone who don’t know selling.


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Muhammad Ismail (Writer JahaSoft)