Today we will discuss what is Passion? What’s your Passion? How to equip new Passions?

First of all it’s OK to have more than one passion. Many successful people have more than one passion. For example Tai Lopez is an Author, Speaker, Real estate investor, Car Lover and adventurist and there are many other Passions that Tai have. Basically you have to choose what passions you will make your career on and which from which passions you will have the juice of your life or fun from.

Anything can be your Passion.

Your may be thinking that passions are investing, business, selling but what you didn’t know was playing, cooking, or even living in a village can be a passion. So how do you define your passion if you don’t know what’s your passion.

Defining our passion

Defining your passion is very important. If you know what you’re truly passionate about you can save yourself a ton of energy as well as find peace in your life. So define passion you just have to ask yourself these three Questions if you were honest with yourself you may find your true passion.

  1. What is the thing on which I can read 100 Books and never get tired?
  2. what work can you do for 14 hours a day for 3 years without getting paid?
  3. what is the when I am doing it I feel relief.

And these are the three questions you have to ask yourself and don’t be scared if two or three passions come up and if you feel like for example. You can go the wildest places to take pictures of the wildlife animals without getting paid your passion is Wild Life Photography.

Know you may be asking yourself I don’t have any passion? Don’t worry it is because of late of visualization. It’s known a day’s find common that people don’t know their passions.

So the question arises how can acquire a new passion in my life if I don’t have any passion or I think I don’t have any passion.

So, before jumping in that discussion let’s talk about the reason why you cannot find your passion. So studies have shown that a hormone named dopamine hormones are the reason for that.

Dopamine hormones are the reward giving hormones and its highly addictive hormone. If you smoke a cigarette and you feel good that dopamine doing that on the other hand if you study dopamine.

Dopamine is the hormone that helps us enjoy our life. You can say that the help we survive.

If food was not that fun, we would never eat. And in the future if you guys requested I will write a whole article on dopamine and how it works. When you cannot find your Passion you may be having heavy dosage of Dopamine from other stuff like social media, smoking, drinking, porn etc so the first step would be.

Cut Off addiction

When people are addicts they lake clarity in every field of their life. And there are small addictions you may never know about. And there are huge addictions like drugs, cigarettes, alcohol etc.

You first have to cut off your addictions to the least, if you use too much social media give it a specific time and specific minutes, if you watch TV a lot just give it one hour no more than that. Too much caffeine you have to think on cutting your caffeine intake too.

Look For passions

In this step you have to look for passion. Basically, if you ask me go to Wikipedia and search for hobbies. And then look at all the hobbies and then write down those hobbies which appealed to you the most.

Don’t be afraid my advice is choose at least 3 or maximum 6 hobbies so you may have know 6 hobbies like

  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Designing
  • Sketching

So the other step is pretty simple. Divide those hobbies over the year if you have chosen 6 hobbies give each hobby 2 months. Then try them.

If you don’t like the first hobby check out the second one. Didn’t like the second one try the third one. You will end up finding a new passion for yourself.

If you didn’t find any you have to cut off your addiction even more. Cut then to the least you can and try again.     If you feel that you cannot cut off your addiction then first of all try cutting your addictions then implement new passions in your life.

Here is a technique you can use to cut off your addiction.

Try not eating sugar for 3 days No energy drinks. No cokes, No Tea with sugar. Basically anything that carries sugar after 3 days’ challenge yourself to quite sugar for one weak and then a month and I believe if you quite something for 2 months you can overcome that addiction.

So you may be saying I don’t eat sugar then your addiction would be watching TV or anything you can apply this on almost every addiction. The only requirement is discipline.

If you want us to write an article on anything comment down below and we will soon write article on the most requested comment.

Muhammad Ismail (Writer at JahaSoft)