Critical thinking is one of the most powerful skill that you should develop. Critical thinking allows you to look deep in any situations and in some scenarios even predict its future. Critical thinking will help you find the better answer than anyone else have.

Before you learn how to improve you critical thinking. You first have to know what is critical thinking.

Before you learn how to improve you critical thinking. You first have to know what is critical thinking.

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is a state of thinking in which you think through corners of the question and come up with a logical answer.

For example: There is a place on earth which have a city under shadows. What can you do to provide them with some sun light?

I know it not a question you would answer in the real life. But it’s a good question to test your critical thinking. Know let see what your answer is. Think on it.

A city under shadows no sun light throughout the year. What you could do to help them. Let me add a twist in this question the city is situated in the middle of two mountains. Think on it and stay with us I will write the right answer in the end of this article.

Know let us jump back to the critical thinking part. You can attain more information in less time if you are good at critical thinking.

There are four stages of thinking

There are four stages of thinking

Before you know and develop the critical thinking. You should know what other thinking stages we have.


  1. No Thinking

Believe me or not no thinking is also a part of critical thinking. Basically, humans have this stage of thinking they are newly born. Basically, this is the base of our thinking and in this stage we can become genius thinkers or just a peace of crap. However, we can change this level of thinking too.

In this stage of thinking we don’t think much but we create beliefs, we create beliefs about the world, about people, about food, about our parents. And newly born babies make most of their beliefs until they are 3 to 5 years old.


  1. Casual Thinking

Casual thinking is the second stage of our thinking and we think casually most of our lives. And casual thinking is common in us casual thinking have very little of common sense in it. In our every day life we are in casual thinking mode.

Let me give you two scenarios and the moment you see it you have to think casually which one seems true to you.

  • A woman was harassed yesterday in our neighbor hood she is in a very bad state.

Now let us just change one word in our sentence.

  • A man was harassed yesterday in our neighbor hood he is in a very bad state.

You may have defined the first one to be true and the other one to be untrue. If it happened In your head that’s casual thinking only thinking above the surface not digging. It turns ourthat 81 percent of the adult females have reported some type of harassment and 41 percent of the male adults have reported some type of harassment report. Both the sentences are true. But yet your brain tells you the second one is false this this casual thinking.


  1. Critical Thinking

In the third stage there is critical thinking which is rare in some people. The critical thinkers ask logical and rational questions to themselves. They just don’t look over the surface but they go deep in the question. Let me give you a question and let’s see how you answer that.

  • Suppose a person claims that he will drop the price of petroleum about 30 percent. What will you think first?

This question is simple question in which we will see how much of a critical thinker you are. If you are a casual thinker you may say great we need that. But if you are a critical thinker you may say what about the global warming what would be the effects of that on our planet.


  1. Over Thinking

Yeah its also a stage of thinking. But this is not rare and over thinkers just take things a bit too much. Like if they even get $40000 monthly they would think till there grand children even fit and there great grandchildren. Over thinking I say is a disease. Over thinkers tend to think more and not take any actions. In there mind they are the Albert Einstein they think no one is more perfect then they are. And they are mostly foolish and stupid and in 100 over thinkers 1 may became a great thinker while the other live in their minds.

We have known defined for you the 4 stages of thinking know lets get back to our main topic.

3 Tools to Improve Critical thinking

3 Tools to Improve Critical thinking


  1. 5 steps

The first tool is 5 step rules. In this 5-step rule we will show you how to get through the information and some tips on it. And how to use critical thinking in your daily life.


LN#1: Know what you’re looking for.

This may sound very simple. But it’s not. In your daily life critical thinking help us take better questions. And think through things. know how to use the first step. Know what you are looking for if you have 2 choices in your hand like for example. You have 2 products in your hand and you can choose only one.

The first product price is $2 and it’s more delicious than the other one but it has 40 percent sugar in it.

The second product is of $1 it’s not that delicious but it has 15 percent sugar in it plus it has more nutrition’s than the first one.

Which one will you choose the one that is delicious and actually is unhealthy food or the other one which is healthy but not delicious. Your decision may depend on the Scenario you are in. If you are overweight and have committed to lose weight and be healthy you might choose the second one. However, if you are healthy and on your cheat day you will probably choose the first one.

The first step in all about defining your question or decision. Know lets say you want to buy a laptop

The first one is the most powerful laptop on earth and have all the feature a professional person requires but it cost $1000

The second one is a decent laptop. It has a nice display and a decent battery. And it cost $400

Which one will you choose. My guess is. Is you are in profession of coding and all your work in on your laptop you will buy the first one.

On the other hand if you are only buying a laptop for entertainment or saving your files. There is a great chance that you will buy the second one. The first step is all about defining and refining your question and being specific.


  1. Gather your information.

The second step is gathering your information. Gather all the important information you would need to make that decision. It’s easier than ever to gather information.

You can read several books upon something to gather information. If you read about 5 books on anything you can gather the information of more than a decade. Gathering information is an art you have to look for the best place to gather information.

You have to be smart in gathering your information. Gather only the information that you need not every word that is there in library.


  1. Apply the information.

Apply the information that you have collected. A simple tip is too applying the information that you have. if you know about the fake schemes that we have to do.

Some schemes that claim that will make you a millions you should considering thinking about it. There are many fake organizations that claim to make you money but all they are doing is stealing more money from you. Critical thinking have the base of logic let me ask you a logical question.

Suppose a scheme is claiming to make you millions. Should you gather information on the web or from a person who have used that scheme?

If you are smart you may ask from the person and search on the web too. and base on the search you may consider investing in it or not.


  1. Think from both sides.

Critical thinking also involves thinking from the both sides. Not urging to take one side rather heat what both sides are telling. Look at it from all corners.

Suppose two people arguing on something. What can you do to solve the problem the logical answer is? Think through both sides. The worst thing you could do is take some one side without thinking.


Suppose there is a strategy that have helped people be healthy but no one will use that strategy. And everyone knows about it and still won’t use it. Why?

You can solve this kind of question by thinking through both sides.


  1. Explore the unseen parts.

Sometimes there are many factors effecting the decision we take. These factors were hidden. And mostly change person to person.

Suppose, there are four people in a room. two of them are supporting a political party claiming they will bring employment and two of them are supporting a party claiming they reduce taxes. And you are the fifth which political party will you vote for.

Both of them are claiming something that will benefit the country. But yet some people are voting the person claiming to reduces taxes. And some the person claiming to finish unemployment.

Both have hidden factors and reason you can not argue with. But if you think critically you would vote for the party that have a clear record rather than a party which is only claiming and don’t have any record.


  1. Write

Writing also help you think better. For a moment take a pen and a peace of paper and write anything and notice as you write you speak the words in your head. Jordan Peterson is a well-known psychologist and in a lecture he said, “Writing is the most powerful weapon you can provide someone with” writing is also a form of thinking. And you can accomplish so much more than just writing it.

Anything that you think needs improvement write it down. Many entrepreneurs’ geniuses have reported that they carry a small note book with themselves. And Tim Ferris a well-known author and a self-made millionaire said that all the people that he interviewed had two things in common.

Number one they all meditated and Number 2 they all journaled daily. Writing opens so many doors for you. and you can think from both sides easier that way. Write what you are thinking about and you will be amazed how well you can solve hard problems and decisions.

In our head we tend to mix each think with one another and make it so huge that it has never been before. And critical thinking is all about specific thinking and you can not think specifically if you are mixing it with un important stuff


  1. Practice and Time

The last tool is practice and time. Critical thinking is like a muscle you cannot develop a skill in couple of days but you have to practice it daily. Its like a muscle the more you work on it the better it gets.

“I fear not the person who have practices 10,000 kicks once,

                                      But I fear the person who have practices one kick 10,000 times”

   (Bruce lee)                     

Practice makes everything perfect. And like everything else you can practice thinking and make it the best. Give it if you are a beginner 10 mins a day and slowly raise the number. If you feel 10 mins are a lot


“if you don’t have 10 mins you don’t have a life”

  (Tony Robbins)    

I showed you the three tools that you can use to improve your critical thinking and I showed you the four stages of thinking.

The answer to the question I asked previously is use mirrors and reflect the light to the city.

I bet you hadn’t thought about that.

If you want us to write any article about anything, comment down below, and we will be more than happy to write an article for you.