Steps to Change a Belief: We all suffer from a belief system. In addition, if you have noticed yet that belief system decides everything about a person. Those people who think they are loser became and act like losers. On the other hand, those people who think they are achievers tend to become achievers even if they are not that smart. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘’ The rich getting richer while the poor getting poor’’ yeah that’s true like I mean its common sense Answer this how can you become rich when you are thinking that your poor.  And this apply in every aspect of your life.

                                  ‘’If you belief you can do it

                                             You can do it’’


But this don’t mean that you only belief not take any action for this. Changing your belief is all it takes to change your state. If you are scared of failing, you may have the belief that if I fail I will never be successful. While successful people think I have Failed what can I learn from my Failures.

How this works?

To change your belief you first have to identify your belief. You may be saying that’s easy believe me its not. And believe me sometimes it will hurt.

I will teach you formula or technique from which you would be able to identify you belief system and change it for good. This Formula is Called the Triple ‘E’ Formula.

I will show you how this works and how you can apply this. The only thing you need is to be present observer of yourself. So the Triple ‘E’ formula basically decides what your belief would be and if you use it in the right way you can change your belief system.


So the formula is Event, Emotion and Explanation

So your beliefs are made based upon First what Event happened to you what emotions your feeling and what Explanation you gave to that. So for example if an Event happened to you in which you were a kid and failed a grade and your parents yelling at you and telling you that you are a failure if you did not get the best grades you will never succeed in this Event. Most of us in that point would feel scared and the explanation you gave to this Event. Some of us may say to our self that I am a failure I will never be successful in my life. In addition, this belief when formed you see yourself like an failure and like I said you become a failure. unless if you change your belief.


Once you know the formula all you have to do is be an observer of yourself. And wonder why are you feeling those emotions. Like if you get angry on something just say to yourself.

I wonder why I got angry (and think of the event that someone was angry on you for the same thing)

Then Ask yourself ‘’ I wonder what I was feeling in that event ‘’ and then all you have to do is to change the Explanation that you gave to that Emotion I know it may sound easy but it’s not.

Know you may be thinking  ‘’Hey how do I change the explanation for that emotion‘’

For this one you have to be positive. If in that Event you just say to yourself that the things they said was due to a reason either they were depressed or mad on something you can finish that belief.

All you have to say to yourself is they were having a bad day, he or she got divorced, his dog died. Basically, feeling as much sympathy as much you can for then and this technique may make you more positive also. This sentences you may be saying to yourself they might not be true but for you they will change your state.


So let us revise it

Use the triple E formula to know what formed your beliefs than use the I Wonder technique to get to th roots of your belief and in last change the Explanation you gave to that emotion which formed a new belief.


 ‘’IF you changed your beliefs about life

                                              you may find yourself in a much better place’’

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